Having over 20 years combined experience in the chemical distribution and chemical sourcing market, Rocara aims to provide an integrated sales and technical solution to our customers.

Having extensive knowledge and expertise within the surfactants/detergents, personal care, pharmaceutical, printing, plastics & packaging, construction, waste water treatment industries, we aim to provide a complete sales and technical service to those industry sectors.

Rocara also specializes in integrated chemical management systems. This is a partnership with the customer and the supplier at a level where stock strategies are assessed based on campaigns and seasonal variations in production. This ensures that the most cost effective procurement and stock management systems are implemented, reducing or eradicating outages, streamlining production and reducing man hours spent on the procurement process.

The systems are set up in such a way as to anticipate demand before the customer has reached a minimum reorder level.

Rocara has invested heavily in a company infrastructure to service the Irish market from our premises in Belfast and Dublin. The split nature of the sites gives Rocara the ability to react quickly to changing customer demands.
Rocara not only specializes in distribution but has also invested heavily in bespoke manufacturing and blending infrastructure to enable us to produce finished product specific to each customers demand. The current manufacturing capacity stands at 40,000lt of blending capacity split over several vessels with varying capacities.